DataScience Framework

DataScience Framework is based on the methodology that will define basic and specific skills needed to integrate Data Science in the study paths of Human and Social Sciences (HSS - Human and Social Sciences). The Framework is built with the aim of defining a flexible structure applicable to different socio-economic and cultural contexts and to different disciplinary backgrounds.

For the Framework definition, the consortium will use two methods:

  • A bottom-up method through cognitive investigation to be carried out on a comparative level between partner universities of the project
  • A top-down method through the study of literature, the analysis of secondary sources and case studies to identify the best determinants for the definition of training on data science in humanities and social sciences.
The goal is to define the characteristics and a clear definition of the Data Science skills required today in the job market and that accompany Human and Social Science.


Università del Salento
Demostene Centro Studi
Universidad de Oviedo